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At the Boulder Mountain Institute we know that sometimes splitboarders are looking for a slightly different experience than backcountry skiers. Look no further because BMI offers the very best guided splitboard experience in the world.

Where We Go

BMI offers Splitboard trips in: Italy, Switzerland, Austria, B.C. Canada, Alaska and Colorado.

Who Should Join Us?

BMI has guided/coached split boarders from first timers looking to learn how use a split board in up-hill mode and efficiently transition to downhill mode to professional snowboarders who are new to a particular venue such as the Alps, Western Canada, Alaska, or some of the bigger peaks in Colorado.

Splitboard Camps

In addition to guided/coaching days, BMI offers splitboard camps which last anywhere from one day to one week. These camps are tailored to meet the group or individual’s goals. In our beginner splitboard camps we focus more on the basics of efficient splitboard travel/transitions as well as Avalanche Safety.

BMI’s intermediate split board camps take on much more advanced topics such as tour planning and navigation in large mountain ranges on a splitboard. Our advanced camps give riders a chance to learn more about steeper riding and very technical descents in proper snowboard mountaineering terrain. Of course, all of our camps spend lots of times getting lots of turns in the best snow on earth!

Why BMI?

BMI knows that splitboarders are not looking to be told by ski guides that their splitboards are inferior; nor that there are limitations on where you can travel in a given mountain range with a splitboard. BMI knows that splitboarders don’t want to guided or coached by ski guides who are unfamiliar with the nuances of splitboard gear and how we approach both uphill and downhill terrain.

About Our Lead Guide

Our lead guide Rob Smith has been snowboarding over 100 days a year for the past 27 years and has been guiding on a splitboard in some of the world’s biggest mountain ranges for the past 14 years. Ten years ago Rob was the first to pass the American Mountain Guides Association/ International Federation of Mountain Guides Association Aspirant Ski Exam on a splitboard in La Grave, France.

Contact us and we will set up the split boarding experience of a lifetime for you!